Oct 15, 2010

I have no title for this. I'm just rambling along.

I know you're dying to know what I read this week and what I will read next week.  Because I am that interesting.  In my make-believe world, I am down-right fascinating.

Speaking of fascinating, I just (like JUST closed the book) finished "Fallen" by Lauren Kate.  It completely fascinated me.  I picked it up at the school library during a red ribbon guest speaker, Heather Anderson,  which was 1) amazingly excellent and 2) I'm getting the credit for finding her and I'm drowning in all the accolades.  Okay, I could use more.

Apparently, a year ago I talked to another school counselor at another school who told me about this amazing guest speaker, a former Miss U.S.A. finalist, who had the kids captivated.  I said I would love to have her come and speak at my school.  Someone sent her an email (me?) and she called the head counselor (who doesn't like me right now) in September and told her I wanted her to come for Red Ribbon Week.  Am I amazing, or what?

I just wish I remembered who, when, and where this conversation occurred.

Anyhoo, that's why I picked up this book.  I was trapped in the librarian's cubby and started being all ADHD, picking up and looking at whatever book I could find.  I'll probably skip book #2 since it doesn't tell the reader much.  But I'm hoping book #3 is the final installment and will be at least as good as book #1.
If you are still with me after my little story, please whistle or nod you head.

In other fascinating news, I've been reading and watching the trapped miners in Chile.  Honestly, I had no hope for those poor men.  It was only two years ago that a mine in Utah collapsed.  It is referred to as the Crandall Canyon Mine Disaster.  Obviously, that historical name does not bode well.  2 years ago, the Crandall Canyon Mine collapsed, trapping 6 miners.  In an attempt to rescue miners, another collapse occurred killing 3, injuring 6 more.  10 days later, officials sealed the mine, assuming all perished. 

69 days, 8 hours after the mine collapsed, all 33 trapped miners reached the surface in Chile.  I get chills just typing that.  Makes me proud to be a member of the human race. 


CountessLaurie said...

Just a few questions...

Why doesn't the head counselor like you right now? Because of your popularity?

Why are you skipping book #2?

Was the speaker really that fascinating?

Like the miners, I see you were rescued safely from the librarian's cubby, but why were you trapped there?

Nathalie Brault said...

Great story,
I'm following you from Book Blogs Group. I would love for you to follow me too on my new book blog
Thanks so much

Stef said...

I will have to look into that book. Huh. And I too was amazed at the whole miner rescue. I bet those guys are either really good friends now or so sick of each other they can hardly stand it. Can't wait for the stories to be told. Now that would be a great read!!

Aisle B said...

I read Fallen earlier on this year and just finished Torment. I actually preferred Torment since Luce finally got some of her MOJO back. I'm a Team CAM sorry to Daniel lovers around the world... but Cam is far superior and does not meander as much.

Enjoy the rest of the week and have to say enjoyed my visit here.. Will be back MOST CERTAINLY :)

M-Cat said...

I think the Chilean miners have stolen all of our hearts. Especially those of us in Utah who remember clearly 2 years ago.

Amazing story - can't wait for the book deal that comes out

Tiffany said...

I was so glad to click on your link and see who Heather Anderson was! I was traumatized for a minute that it was Heather Armstrong and I just didn't think Dooce would be a good motivational speaker, ya know?