Oct 25, 2010

Body Knows Best

I've heard your body craves what nutrients it lacks.  I became a believer when, after taking massive amounts of steroids with my last baby, my Hyperemesis gravidarum slowed to a trickle (no pun intended) and I suddenly needed grapefruit.  Yeah, grapefruit.  I couldn't walk into a store without being assaulted by smells that made me throw up so I kept sending my husband to buy grapefruit in bulk.  It was the folate and vitamin B5.  Needed it.

Last week I awoke to a searing pain at my hairline.  The worst headache since my last migraine well over 25 years ago.  I got up and grabbed two Tylenol and went back to bed.  The next day it was present but bearable.  Barely bearable but bearable. 

By the end of the day, I was crossing over to wondering if it was the worst PMS of my life or if I'd feel better running into all those orange barrels on the freeway.  I stopped at my favorite cupcake place thinking a craving for a cream cheese filling chocolate cupcake might hit me.  It didn't.  I stood there with a scrunched up face while contemplating how to shave off the top part of my head when my eyes alighted upon the missing nutrients.  I'm certain it was heavenly intervention.

"32 oz. Diet Coke.  No ice.  Fill it to the top.  Chocolate cupcake on the side."  I was clearly having a difficult time providing complete sentences.  I was in a bad way.

She handed me the drink.  I popped in a straw.  One slurp.  Feeling less lightheaded.  Open the door.  Step out to the sidewalk.  Another three slurps.  Headache is abating.  Open car door, buckle up, a big swig.  I remember my name and how to get home.  I turn off Garmin. 

Two miles later, I pulled into my driveway.  The Diet Coke was polished off nicely.  I still had my cupcake and I thought I might just make it.

The body knows.


Tiffany said...

I get a headache like a little icepick in my left temple whenever I haven't had Diet Pepsi in 24 hours. But I am not addicted. Totally NOT. :-)

June Freaking Cleaver said...

Diet Coke (and its pretty sister, Coke Zero) are nectar from the gods.

They have life-giving properties - I haven't died yet, is that proof enough?

This is one coke that better stay legal, or I face a future of prison food and bad tattoos.

Kristina P. said...

I NEED a Diet Coke right now. I usually get at least one, sometimes two, Route 44 Sonic Diet Cokes a day.

Amy said...

Every afternoon, I have to have my diet coke or coke zero. God is so good to have provided those drinks for me up here.

.:Anna:. said...

I can't drink diet... I gotta have the fully leaded, although I only truly enjoy it when I am stealing it from my husband. He drinks a 24 pack a week, easy.

... your sister in law did what while she was pregnant? What a show off. I am surprised she has friends...

M-Cat said...

The body TRULY knows!
I also read once where if you are craving something sweet it signals that you are depressed.
If you are craving something salty, it signals you are stressed and anxious.

I combine them both on a regular basis to ward off either option!

CountessLaurie said...

I love the bubbles. I only discovered the bubbles a couple years ago when I was sick and coffee was making me nauseous. I drank the diet coke for the caffeine and fell in love. But I truly only enjoy it fountain style.

Anonymous said...
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