Sep 10, 2010

Social Media

I'm frightened.

Hold me.


Mom24 said...

Aren't all economies people driven?

I think I'll go back to bed now.

Interesting video. Thanks for posting it.

Amy said...

Boooo! I can't watch videos way over here in the backyard of nowhere!

I'm sure you were lovely if you were in it or that it was fascinating either way. Hmph!

Joan said...

I am one who buys into it I'm afraid. I google everything, get my recipes online, blog, facebook and use Youtube, play games online and read scriptures online. I still email however and rarely text. Bye, I am going to Hulu to see what I've been missing. Stupid?

Hillori said...

Fascinating. However, wikipedia isn't ALWAYS very accurate. Mostly, yes, but I can't trust it without verifying. Two of my kids schools prohibit them from using wikipedia because of the false information that gets posted on it.